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What are your managed DNS servers?How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?What are MX (mail exchange) records?more topics Do your Linux servers support SSH or Telnet?I am currently signed up for Linux Hosting. How do I upload my website files?How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?Java Security errors with consolemore topics
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Is there a free SSH program for windowsDoes my shared hosting account come with a control panel?How do I purchase an SSL for my shared hosting site?What is shared hosting?How does Webservio's shared hosting work?What databases can I get along with my shared hosting service?more topics How do I upload my website files?Do your servers support ColdFusion?Do you support PHP?Do you support MySQL?Do you support active server pages (ASP)?How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?more topics
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How do I upload my website files?Do your servers support ColdFusion?Do you support PHP?Do you support MySQL?Do you support active server pages (ASP)?How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?more topics How do I upload my website files?Do your servers support ColdFusion?Do you support PHP?Do you support MySQL?Do you support active server pages (ASP)?How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?more topics
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How do I upload my website files?Do your servers support ColdFusion?Do you support PHP?Do you support MySQL?Do you support active server pages (ASP)?more topics
 Do I need to register my domain with Webservio in order to host with you?
 No, you are not required to register your domain with Webservio. You could have registered your domain with another company, and Webservio can still host your website.
 What do the following terms mean regarding Web stats?
 Total Unique Sites This identifies how many hosts have accessed your site. For example, Comcast.net may be a host.Total Unique Users This identifies how many users have not been to your site before. A user gets to your site using an Internet host. Total Unique Referrers This identifies which sites people use to get to your site. For example, a user may come through Google. Total Unique Usernames This will identify the number of accesses to your site based on a user name if they are required to sign in. Total Unique User Agents - This will identify the different browsers or programs used to access your site. For example, someone may be browsing through Internet Explorer.
 What do the different stats mean on my stats Page?
 SummariesHITS (Green)Total number of graphics, script calls, webpages, music files, etc. requestedAny request made to the web server which is logged, is considered a 'hit'. The requests can be for anything... webpages, graphic images, audio files, video files, scripts, etc... Each valid line in the server log is counted as a hit. This number represents the total number of requests that were made to the server during the specified period.In the above example, they received 110,949 hits, meaning 110,949 requests were made to the server for files, pictures, scripts to process forms, template files, webpages, videos, music files, etc.FILES (Dark blue)Total number of gra
 I am currently signed up for Windows Hosting. How do I upload my website files?
 Please refer to the hosting sheet that we sent you. In this document, you would see the FTP information that can be used to upload the website files. Please ensure that the website files MUST be uploaded to the Web directory. If you upload the website files to a different directory or delete the Web directory, then the site will not be accessible through a browser.Please note that the above is not valid for our Windows Hosting customers who use Microsoft Frontpage.
 Do your Windows servers support CDONTs?
 Yes. For more info on CDONTs, please visit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q186204/en-us.
 Do you support live audio/video streaming?
 While the shared hosting accounts do not come with audio/video streaming ability, Webservio can arrange for this feature based on special requests. We do stream video for a select group of our clients. Please contact sales@webservio.net to get more information.
 My website is not showing up. What happened?
  There are various reasons why your website might not be showing up. Some of them are:1. Check to see if you are connected to the Internet.a) Go to: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.comb) Type your domain name in the box and click on the or just me link. 2. Do you have any sort of firewall installed that might be blocking your access to certain sites?3. Has your domain expired? You can check by doing a WhoIs query at DNSgoodies.com. If the domain is expired, then please visit our Domain Manager interface to renew the domain. It takes a few hours after renewing for your website to show up.4. Have you paid all your hosting dues with Webservio? Please send an email to
 I received a notice that my domain is expiring. What should I do?
  If your domain is close to its expiration date, you should renew immediately. If you registered your domain with another company, please contact it to take care of this. However, if you registered your domain with Webservio, then please visit our domain login page and renew the domain.
 How do I upload my website files?
 If you chose a managed plan that includes FTP access, the website files can be uploaded by using the FTP information emailed to you after we completed your hosting setup. You should use an FTP client to perform this operation.If you chose a managed plan that does not include FTP access, a Webservio engineer will setup your Web site for you. If you have a Do-It-Yourself plan, you can use the Web-based control panel or create FTP access to upload your site files.
 How do I set up an email address in IMail?
 Open your web browser and type in:http://mail3.webcentric-tn.com:8383orhttp://mail2.webcentric-tn.com:8383depending on what mail server you are using. This will take you to the entrance of the web interface.Click on the Logon link.Type in your mail admin name for the username. (ex. admin@yourdomain.com)Type in your mail admin password for the password.
 How do I cancel my hosting plan?
 There are 2 ways to cancel your account:1. Send an email to cancel@webservio.com with your domain name.2. Send or fax us your cancellation request on your organization's letterhead with a valid authorizing signature. You will then be contacted to confirm cancellation. Once confirmed, your hosting account will be terminated.Webservio, Inc.2200 Sutherland Avenue, Suite 403Knoxville, TN 37919Phone: (865) 692.5425Fax: (865) 692.5427Please Note: any special instructions will be quoted and charged at an hourly rate. Outstanding accounts are required to clear their balance b
 Are web forwarding and web aliasing the same thing?
 No, web forwarding and web aliasing are not the same. Whereas web forwarding directs your domain name to your web site, aliasing allows you to use multiple domains for your site.For example, aliasing mysite.com and myaliasedsite.com allows users to reach the same file with both http://www.mysite.com/test.htm and http://www.myaliasedsite.com/test.htm.
 I use Microsoft FrontPage. Why do I not have an FTP access?
 When using MS FrontPage, the username and password are for FrontPage only, and not for FTP. You do not have access to your website using FTP if you chose FrontPage extensions for your hosting order. If you would like to change the account to include FTP, then please send an email to support@webservio.net.
 How do I sign up for hosting?
 You can sign up for hosting using our online checkout. Please select what kind of hosting you would like to order by visiting the following link.
 Do your servers support ColdFusion?
 ColdFusion can be added on to your shared Windows hosting account for an extra fee of $5 per month. Please contact support@webservio.net if you would like to use this option.Please note that ColdFusion is no longer supported by Microsoft and Webservio recommends moving to .NET for PHP programming for your Web site.
 Do you support PHP?
 All of our Linux hosting plans support PHP.
 Do you support MySQL?
 Yes. Many of our plans come with MySQL databases included. However, in some of the plans, a one-time setup fee of $25 is charged for setting up the database.
 Do you support active server pages (ASP)?
 Yes, our Windows servers support ASP on selected plans.
 Why are all my web statistics zero when I check them through WebStats 5 or WebStats 6.2?
 Visiting WebStats pages that you bookmarked AFTER logging in is usually the cause of this problem. Please bookmark the login page itself.
 How do I set up Dreamweaver to connect to my hosting account via FTP?
 The first thing that you must do is set up a local copy of your site. For now, this could just be an empty folder. Next, you will want to open Dreamweaver and choose 'Site' > 'New Site' from the pull-down menu at top. On the 'Local Info' screen, be sure to point the path to the folder you have set up on your local machine (or network if applicable). With this information entered, choose 'Remote Info' from the menu on the left. From the 'Remote Access' drop-down box, choose 'FTP.' In the 'Remote Info' screen, type in your FTP host resembling the structure 'ftp.yourdomain.com' Under 'Host Directory,' type '/web' if you want Dreamweaver to start looking in the folder where the LIVE site is contained. Supply your username in the 'Login' field and your password in the 'Password' field. If you are behind a firewall, it is suggested that you place a check next to 'Use Passive FTP' and 'Use Firewall' From this screen, choose OK.
 I have an FTP account and my FTP client is timing out when connecting. What should I do?
  If you are using a firewall or proxy server on you network, you must set up your FTP client accodingly. Additionally, set up your FTP client to pasive mode. We also recommend ws_FTP Pro, SmartFTP, or Filezilla.
 Last week I set up the testdomain.com domain through your website. We had a working website after our FTP transfer. Then something happened, and now when I type in the URL (www.testdomain.com), I get an ACCESS DENIED error. What should I do?
 The files were transferred to the wrong area. Please place the web files in the Web directory if you use Windows hosting or in the htdocs directory in case of Linux hosting.
 On your supported hosting plans, what kind of an ASP email component do you support?
  We support the default SMTP server that comes with MS Windows. This server is also known as CDONTS or CDOSYS.
 Do your servers support .NET?
 .NET is provided as an add-on to your shared hosting service. There is a monthly fee $5 for using this option.
 How do I change my FTP username/password?
 Please submit a ticket and provide your domain name and new FTP information.
 Do your servers support CGI/PERL?
 All of our hosting servers support CGI/Perl.
 What is Microsoft FrontPage?
 MS FrontPage is a web-authoring software developed by Microsoft. Since it utilizes some special coding, an extra piece of software is required on the server called FrontPage Extensions. This software enables the website built using MS FrontPage to work. The extensions are only required if your site was built using FrontPage.
 Do you support JSP?
 At this time, we do not provide JSP support on our shared hosting servers.
 Will you put ads on my site?
 No. Webservio does not put any ads on your site. You are in complete control of the content of your website.
 Do your servers support Microsoft SharePoint?
 We do not offer SharePoint or SharePoint Team Services.
 What is FTP and how do I use it?
 FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests,FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network, such as the Internet. You can use FTP to exchange files between computer accounts, to transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or to access software archives on the Internet.Graphical FTP clientsUsing graphical FTP clients simplifies file transfers by allowing youto drag and drop file icons between windows. When you open theprogram (such as FileZilla or SmartFtP), enter the name of the FTP host (e.g.,ftp.domain.com) and your username and password.Web browserYou can use a web browser to connect to FTP addresses exactly as you would to connect to HTTP addresses. Using a web browser for FTP transfers makes it easy for you to browse large directories and read and retrieve files. Your we
 Web Tools
 We offer you a number of free online tools, some of them also with APIs so you can integrate them in your sites in matter of minutes. For more details visit our site web tools .More information: http://tools.geek-tools.org
 How to create a backup of your website using an FTP client
  To complete the following instructions, you will need to know the access information for your FTP account. Managed plan that includes FTP access: FTP information should be included in the email you received when your site was initially set up. You should be able to access this email by logging into the support portal
 My email client is trying to download old duplicate emails
  If you are experiencing this problem, you probably have your email account configured to use POP. The way POP works by pulling emails from the server and downloading them onto your workstation. An alternative method of configuring your email account is IMAP. IMAP views emails on the server rather than downloading a copy to your workstation. Configuring a new account using IMAP should prevent duplicate messages from being downloaded to your email client. Once you have configured the new account, you can copy over any folders from the POP account to the new IMAP account to preserve your email organization and then delete the POP account. If you would rather keep your current POP account, or your mail server does not have IMAP capability, you may change your email client settings to delete emails from the server after downloading them. If you choose this method, it is recommended that you periodically create a backup copy of your emails. This article gives instruc
 Configure POP email account to delete messages from the server
  Outlook 2010 & 20131. Click the File tab > Account Settings2. Click Account Settings3. Select your email account4. Click Change...5. Click More Settings...6. Click the Advanced tab7. Uncheck the box next to "Leave a copy of messages on the server"Alternately, leave that box checked but check the box next to "Remove from server after" and select a time period. This ensures that if you have the account configured on multiple devices, you will still be able to access the message for a long enough to download it to all devices before it is deleted from the server.Outlook 20071. Click Tools > Account Settings2. Select your email account3. Click Change...4. Click More Settings...5. Click the Advanced tab6. Uncheck the b
 How do I flush my computer's DNS cache?
 This is how to flush the cache in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. 1. Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen 2. Click All Programs 3. Click Accessories 4. RIGHT-click on Command Prompt 5. Select Run As Administrator 6. In the command window type the following and then hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns 7. You will see the following confirmation: Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver CacheFlushing the DNS in Mac OS X is an easy process, but the steps taken will depend on which version of OS X you are running.View the following online articles for more information:http://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS#Using_Mac_OS_Xhttps:
 How to use Microsoft Expression Web to edit your website
  You may use the following procedure to connect with SFTP using Microsoft Expression Web:1. On the menu bar, click Site > Open Site...2. For Location enter sftp://exampledomain.com3. If you would like to have easy access to this later, you may check Add to managed list (that will make it show up under Managed Sites for future access)4. Click Open5. If you get a dialog box about Remote Site Editing Options select Edit live site now and click OK6. Enter the username and password for your SFTP access. If you do not know this information, check the documentation provided to you by Webservio Support at the time your hosting account was created.7. Click OK8. This should give you access to the file structure of your website. Open the folder htdocs. Alternatively, this folder is sometimes called public_html. This folder contains the image and html files for your website. It also m
 How do I modify my computer's hosts file?
  Microsoft Windows1. Go to Start > Programs > Accessories2. Right click on Notepad and select Run As...3. Select to run the program as Administrator.4. Open My Computer.5. Navigate to Windows > system32 > drivers > etcSometimes it may show a notice saying the files are hidden. Click to show the files.6. In the etc folder, open the 'hosts' file using Notepad.7. On a new line, enter the IP and hostname that you want to create an entry for. Such as:  example.comNote: Entering example.com will NOT direct www.example.com to that IP. To do that, you would need to make another entry such as: www.example.com8. Click Save.9. To check that the hosts file has been modified correctly, you will need to ping the hostname:10. Go to Start > Run...
 Premium Shared Hosting Website Access
 If you have Premium Shared Hosting, the following options may be available to access your website files and make changes. The options available to you will depend on the type of website you have, since Premium Shared Hosting is configured to maximize security for each type of site.Content Management SystemIf your site is built using a content management system (CMS), like Joomla or WordPress, you can make changes to your website using the administrative interface. By default, FTP access is disabled on these types of sites.FTPIf FTP access is available for your site, you will be able to use an FTP client, like FileZilla, to access and edit your website files. Make sure that the FTP client is configured to use SFTP, which provides an additional layer of security. TroubleshootingIn some
 How to ping a domain, hostname, or IP address
 Pinging a domain/hostname allows you to see what IP address your computer is referencing with that name. In addition, pinging allows you to measure the round-trip time for the ping to reach the server/host and a response to be received back at your computer. It is commonly used in network diagnostics and troubleshooting.To ping, you will need to open a command prompt application on your computer. See instructions below for the applicable operating system. Once you have opened the command prompt window, type ping followed by the hostname or IP address you would like to check. For example:ping exampledomain.comORping 123.21.456.789ORping mail.example.comAfter you type in the command, press Enter and the results should display on your screen.Windows 81. From the Start screen, click Apps2. On the Apps screen, scroll until you rea
 Accessing Website Files with Filezilla using SFTP
  See the article What is FTP and how do I use it? for general information about FTP.Start Filezilla and choose "Site Manager..." from the File menuClick on the "New Site" button and type in a name for the siteIn the "Host" box, type in the hostname or IP provided in your set-up documentationFrom the "Protocol" dropdown, select "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"From the "Logon Type" dropdown, select "Ask for password"Enter the Username provided in your set-up documentationClick the "Connect" buttonWhen prompted, enter the Password provided in your set-up documentationWhen connecting for the first time, you should see a pop-up "Unknown host key", click OK
 What are the Webservio IP ranges for my firewall, server, and or SPF settings?
  The Webservio IP ranges are:
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