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Postini (80) SpamWeeder Premium (26)
Is this solution only for corporate accounts? My business has only 10 emails that need to be protected. Can I benefit from your solution?How do I remove a domain from Postini?Our Business has 100 email accounts but we only need 25 of those accounts to be protected from spam. Is that possible?What are the Postini IP ranges for my firewall settings?How do I view an email header ?more topics Will there be any delay in message delivery if all emails would go through your server first?What are HTML viruses?How do I view an email header ?Bounce spam protection (DSNs/NDRs)Describe why a message was rejected or temporarily rejectedmore topics
McAfee Saas Services (13) EdgeWave ePrism Email Security (4)
McAfee Archive Search - Guidelines and Best PracticesIs there an Outlook add-in for McAfee Archive?What are the McAfee IP ranges for possible firewall and/or server settings?Why is my Exchange server experiencing delivery delays from McAfee?McAfee is blocking emails from gmail and yahoo. What can I do to resolve this issue?Why is McAfee blocking valid emails?more topics What are the EdgeWave IP ranges?How to view domain-wide quarantine in Edgewave ePrismHow can I view Spam Digest delivery reports?How To Report Spam To Edgewavemore topics
Mimecast UEM (3) Proofpoint (2)
What are the Mimecast IP ranges in North America?Where can I find the Mimecast UEM Admin Console Guide?How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016more topics What are the Proofpoint IP ranges for possible firewall and/or server settings?How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016more topics
Symantec Cloud (1) Google Apps (2)
What are the Symantec IP ranges for my firewall or server?more topics What are the GoogleApps IP ranges?How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016more topics
FuseMail (4)
VIPRE Email Security (aka FuseMail) IP RangesHow to add users to Vipre (aka FuseMail) portalHow to change recipient mail server IP in Vipre Email Security (aka FuseMail)How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016more topics
 What is the guarantee that this anti-spam system will not go down?
 There is a 99.999% uptime guarantee for this anti-spam service. This is because of the multiple redundancy provided through four different facilities, two West Coast and two East Coast, insuring that a natural disaster in either area will not interfere with the system.
 Can I control how aggressive my anti-spam solution is on stopping junk emails?
 You can choose the Spam Filtering link to set the spam fighting sensitivity level anywhere from Lenient to Aggressive. You may also select specific categories, such as Sexually Explicit, to filter at a different level from the rest of the bulk mail.
 What happens if a genuine correspondent sends an email to an outdated address for my domain? How will they know that their messages are not getting through to us?
 You have the ability to turn a bounce back option on and off. With the Non-Account Bouncing preference selected, senders will receive a message letting them know when their emails did not reach the intended recipient.
 Is this solution only for corporate accounts? My business has only a few email accounts that need to be protected.
 Our spam prevention solution can service any need from one user to large, corporate accounts. Please view our four non-enterprise plans for 1-50 users or our three enterprise plans based on your anti-spam needs. If you require a solution that will accommodate over 500 email users or have a special request, you can contact our sales team at sales@webservio.com or call 1-8
 Can I change how often I receive Message Quarantine Notices?
 Your Message Notifications are set by default to daily. To change these settings for your domain, your domain admin needs to:1. Log in as the administrator and go to the "Orgs and Users" Tab.2. Go to "Orgs"3. Go to "Notifications" (Bottom of page)4. In the dark gray line, click "Edit"5. Next to Spam, you may turn it off or change the frequency to every 2,3,4,5,6,7, etc. days.6. Be sure to click Save.These settings are on a domain level only. These settings may not be applied to users individually.
 Where can I take on online tutorial for the new Email Defense Message Center?
 For an online tutorial, please go to http://docs.webservio.net/tutorial/email_defense/end_user.htm.If you want a copy of the text instructions, please go to http://support.webservio.net/admin/helpdesk.php?cmd=files&_a=filelist&id=11.
 Many of my emails that are not spam are being quarantined. What should I do?
 Please send an email to notspam@webservio.comInclude the header information from the "good" email message you send to notspam@webservio.com and attach a copy of the "good" email.To obtain the header information:Microsoft Outlook users:1. Double click on the spam message2. Go to View3. Click optionsOutlook Express users:1. Double click on the spam message2. Click the "File" menu in the message window3. Click "Properties"4. Click the "Details" tab5. Click "Message Source"To sen
 I received an email saying Webservio moved me to a new Email Defense System. Is this real?
 Webservio unveiled a new Email Defense System in July 2006. System administrators will receive instructions with user manuals for implementing the new Email Defense System for your domain. If you have not yet received information regarding the new Email Defense System, please contact sales@webservio.com.Please go to Online Tutorial to become familiar with the new system.
 How do I report an e-mail message as spam?
 Option 1:From outlook client copy and save the message as .msg file.*Please zip all filesSaving a message as a file in Outlook: Step 1: Click the item you want to save as a file. Step 2: On the File menu, click Save As. Step 3: In the Save in box, click the location where you want to save the file. Step 4: In the File name box, type a name for the file. Step 5: In the Save as type box, click the file type you want. (*.MSG) = Outlook message format. Step 6: Click save Step 7: Zip up all samples and email back to this case.For Lotus Notes Clients: You can save emails (MIME only) as eml messages also, which can be opened in outlook express. The main advantages of this method is you save all the attachments and formating as it is. Saving a message as a file in Lotus Notes: 1. Open the email.2. From the Lotus menu select View-> Show -> Page Source 2. Se
 How do I get to the allow/deny tab from the quarantine page?
 When you log into the Anti-Spam Portal, please click on the My Settings tab/link on the top-left. Once on the Policies page, you should click on the Approve/Block Senders link.  Enter the email addresses of the senders you would like to approve or block.
 Can all of my email users view the anti-spam quarantine?
 All users for your domain in the Email Defense System will receive daily quarantine reports. If you are a user and do not receive daily reports, please contact your administrator. If you prefer to receive reports weekly, please contact your administrator. If you do not know who your administrator is, please submit a ticket to the Webservio Support Team at http://support.webservio.net requesting the name and email address of your Postini account administrator.
 Where do I find documentation on how to use Anti-Spam portal system:
 Please download the following documentation from our library: http://support.webservio.net/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=2&nav=0,1,2.  To take an online tutorial, please click the following link:  http://www.webservio.net/hosting/mail/postini/spamweedersales.htm . Please contact sales@webservio.com if you need additional infor
 I am using Webservio's Email Defense service. However, I am still receiving lot of spam. Why am I still experiencing this issue?
 Webservio's Email Defense service is extremely effective against spam using Bayesian techniques . However, some spam will trickle into your email. If you are receiving a lot of spam, then there are a few reasons why this could be happening:a) Please check to see if you only have the MX records as provided by Webservio. Having additional MX records can be a backdoor for spammers to send spam to your email. Contact support@webservio.com if you are unsure what your MX records should be. b) Spammers often send email to users that do not exist. Please check the recipient(s) of the spam messages. Webservio's Email Defense service only protects the email users set up for your domain. If you need protection for more users, then please contact your accou
 Does this solution increase the time for or the risk of sending out email?
 No. Generally, an e-mail is sent through 7-8 intermediaries as it travels to the recipient. The anti-spam solution is an additional intermediary in this journey and therefore does not delay e-mail nor add any risk.
 What is an email header?
  The email header is the information that travels with every email, containing details about the sender, route and receiver. It is like a flight ticket: it can tell you who booked it (who sent the email), the departure information (when the email was sent), the route (from where it was sent and how did it arrive to you) and arrival details (who is the receiver and when it was received). As when you would book a flight ticket with a false identity, the same goes for emails: the sender can partially fake these details, pretending that the email was sent from a different account (common practice for spammers or viruses).
 What should my MX records look like after updating them to point to Postini?
 In order for all external emails to pass through Postini's anti-spam/virus filtering system, your MX records must look like: INMX100yourdomain.com.s7a1.psmtp.com. INMX200yourdomain.com.s7a2.psmtp.com.
 How do I deliver valid quarantined messages to my inbox?
 To deliver "false positives" to your inbox:Login to your quarantine at:  http://portal3.mxshelter.comSelect the "Junk" tab if it isn't automatically selected for you.Click the Subject Line of any message to safely view its contentsIf you believe the message is valid, click the corresponding Deliver buton
 How can I test email flow with Postini?
 Login to the Postini portal as a system administratorClick "Orgs and Users" tabClick on the sub-org that contains your users (ie Customer domainname.com)Scroll down to "Organization Settings"Click "System Tests"Select SMTP Message TestsEnter a valid email address for your domain in the email address fieldSelect which delivery testing option you desireClick Test
 What are the approved/blocked sender list limits within Postini?
 The maximum number of characters for each approved/blocked list in the Administration Console is 4000. If each address or domain is 30 to 40 characters, each sender list can include approximately 100 to 130 addresses and domains. The maximum number of characters for all lists for each user in the Message Center is 1000. For each address, add an additional 2 characters to get an accurate count. If you run out of space and attempt to add another address, you receive an error similar to this: List length limit (4000) exceeded To free up more space, delete addresses that are no longer used. You may consider a
 How to whitelist or blacklist a domain or email in SpamWeeder Premium
  Log in as the domain admin and under Domains Overview select the domain to modify.Scroll down to the section titled Incoming Protection SettingsIf you wish to whitelist or blacklist certain incoming messages (the most common scenario), select Sender Whitelist or Sender Blacklist. If you have outbound filtering enabled and wish to bypass filtering for emails sent to certain recipient(s), select Recipient Whitelist or Recipient Blacklist.Select the blue text with the plus symbol that says something like "Add blacklist sender" or "Add whitelist recipient"In the Address field, type in the domain name or email address that you wish to whitelist or blacklist.Click Save.If you are unsure what to put in the Address box:
 How to view domain-wide quarantine in Edgewave ePrism
 To view the domain-wide quarantine in Edgewave ePrism:Login to the Edgewave portal as an administratorGo to Reports>>Advanced ReportsSpecify the domain nameClick on ActionsUncheck the box for ALL and check the box for QuarantineClick RunFrom the generated report, you can release individual emails from the quarantine as needed.
 Where can I find the Mimecast UEM Admin Console Guide?
 Because the Mimecast UEM Administrator Console Guide is so large, we recommend utilizing the Mimecast UEM knowledgebase here:  http://kb.mimecast.com/Mimecast_Knowledge_Base/Administration_Console
 Configuring SMTP Connector in Microsoft® Exchange 2007 and 2010
  Send Connectors allow Exchange Server to route all outbound email through another SMTP server. To configure a send connector:1. Open the Exchange Management Console and click Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Send Connectors. 2. Right-click in the list in the center pane and select New Send Connector. 3. In the wizard,type a name for the connector (ie Outbound Mail to SpamWeeder Premium) and from the Select the intended use for this Send Connector drop-down list, select Custom. Click Next. 4. In the Address Space page, click Add and select SMTP Address Space. Enter * as the domain, cost=1, and check Include all subdomains5. Click OK, then click Next. 6. In the
 McAfee SaaS - Outbound Filtering - SPF Records
 If you are using the McAfee SaaS outbound filtering service and have a need for an SPF record on your domain, please use the record below as a starting point.While all environments are different and you may require additional tokens, this record will authorize McAfee to send on behalf of your domain.v=spf1 ptr include:mxlogic.net ~allThis should be placed in a TXT record within your DNS. The example above will include all McAfee SaaS IP addresses as they exist or may change in the future.  The tilde (~) can be changed to a dash (-) if you wish to inform recipients that invalid senders should be blocked.If you already have an SPF record set up for your domain, you can simply add the statement “include:mxlogic.net” to the end of the SPF record, before the “all” token.For example; if your current SPF record is this:v=spf1 a ptr mx ip4: ~allYou would update it so that it reads as fol
 How To Report Spam To Edgewave
 How do I submit a spam sample to improve my Edgewave spam filter? The easiest way is to download Edgewave's Report Spam Plug-in for Outlook and you can just click a button in the rare instance any spam leaks through. You won’t need it often, but it makes your users feel good to be involved in the process of eliminating spam! > Click here to install the Report Spam Plug-in for Outlook Only samples sent as RFC-2822 attachments can be processed; samples in other formats will not be processed. Email spam samples to: spam@edgewave.com. Spam samples sent to spam@edgewave.com as RFC-2822 attachme
 VIPRE Email Security (aka FuseMail) IP Ranges
  To ensure all messages filtered by VIPRE Email Security (aka FuseMail) are delivered to your mail server, please add the following list of IPs to your firewall and/or mail server prior to redirecting your MX records. Subnet IPSubnet MaskNet MaskIP Range208.70.128.0255.255.248.0/21208.70.128.0 - -
 How to add users to Vipre (aka FuseMail) portal
 Vipre Email Security (aka FuseMail) allows you to add users anytime. To add a new user:Select the 'Users' tab in  left navigation.Click the green "+" on the far right.Enter the front part of the email address in the user field.Select the domain on the right side you would like to create the user for.Enter a password or select one of the two random ones.Optional - enter the user's first and last name.Click "Save" button.
 How to change recipient mail server IP in Vipre Email Security (aka FuseMail)
  Changing Recipient Mail Server IPSelect "Inbound Routing" from the service settings tab on the left navigationClick "Add Site" located toward the bottom right of the screenEnter the required information for your mail server.Select the "Domain List" from the Domains tab on the left navigationClick on the settings icon  (the middle icon that looks like three sliders).Click on the drop down selection to the right of "Route mail to".Select the Route that you added in step 3 above.Click Save.You should see a confirmation in the top right of the screen. 
 What are the SpamWeeder Premium IP ranges for my firewall or server settings?
  Web interface, telnet & LDAP sync IPs:, 2001:1af8:4500:a034:101::2SpamWeeder Premium (delivery.antispamcloud.com) SMTP delivery IPs:If you're able to whitelist a delivery hostname, please whitelist delivery.antis
 How to create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2003
 To create the SMTP Connector, follow the steps below:Open Exchange System Manager (ESM)If Administrative Groups is displayed, expand the Administrative Groups folder (Otherwise proceed to step 4)Expand First Administrative Group (or the relevant group if it has been renamed or if there are multiple groups)If Routing Groups is displayed, expand the Routing Groups folder (Otherwise proceed to step 6)Expand First Routing GroupRight click ConnectorsSelect New then SMTP Connector...
 What is DMARC and why do I need it?
 DMARC is a protocol that stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance."  It uses SPF and DKIM to determine the legitimacy of an email message and requires both to fail in order to take action on a message.DMARC is a way to make it easier for email senders and recipients to determine if a message is truly from the sender and what to do if it isn't.  This makes it easier to identify spam and phishing messages, and keep them out of users' inboxes.DMARC gives the legitimate owner of the domain a way to request failing messages - spoofed, spam, and phishing - be put directly in the spam folder or rejected altogether.DMARC policies remove the guesswork from email recipient's handling of these failed messages, which eliminates or limits the user's exposure to potentially fraudulent and malicious messages.DMARC only protects against direct domain spoofing and will not protect against attacks using similar
 How to configure O365 with SpamWeeder Premium
  Inbound filtering only:Using Office365 with SpamWeeder Premium for inbound filtering is simple.  Once the domain is added to the SpamWeeder Premium portal, we recommend that you then create a rule directly within Office365, to allow all traffic from the filtering service IP's before changing MX record to avoid any delivery issues. To set this, complete ONE of the following options: Set an  IP Based Transport rule, OR an X Header based transport rule.  IP based transport rule:In your Office 365 Environment, you can create a "Transport Rule" for your filtering service delivery IPs.  (**note** This is IP based and not hostname based.  Please use the IP ranges specified here:  SpamWeeder Premium IP Ranges).
 SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Mailbagging and/or Email Continuity Clients
  SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Mailbagging and/or Email Continuity Clients Complete the following by 4/30/21:Add the list of IP's found in this knowledgebase article to the allowed IPs in your firewall and/or mail server settings:What are the SpamWeeder Premium IP ranges for my firewall or server settings?REPLACE the existing mx1-mx4.mailshelter.com MX records within your domain(s)' DNS hosting to point to:mxc1.mailshelter.commxc2.mailshelter.commxc3.mailshelter.commxc4.mailshelter.comBe sure to keep the MX priorities the same. For example, if your current MX records are similar to:10 mail.yourdomain.co
 SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Email Hosting Clients
  SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Email Hosting Clients If your domain is registered through one of Webservio's registrars (ie Enom, Public Domain Registry, OpenSRS TuCows):Click to use our online DNS utility tool, DNSgoodies.com, to perform a Who Is - Domain/IP lookup.  Take note of your domain's nameservers.If your domain's nameservers point to:  ns1-ns2.lock-net.com:Create a ticket at https://support.webservio.net and we'll move your DNS to our updated platform at dns1-dns4.multihosts.com.  NS1-NS2.LOCK-NET.COM has been de-commissioned due to instability.  We'll also update your domain's MX records for you.If your domain's nameservers point to any of the following:
 SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Continuous Spam/Virus Filtering
  SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Email Security - Continuous Spam/Virus Filtering Update your primary mail server and/or firewall settings to accept messages from the new SpamWeeder Premium Cloud service.See the updated list of IP's in our knowledgebase article:  What are the SpamWeeder Premium IP Ranges for my Firewall and/or Server Settings?Update your domain's MX records.Login to your DNS hosting providerREPLACE the existing mx1-mx4.mailshelter.com MX records with:mxc1.mailshelter.commxc2.mailshelter.commxc3.mailshelter.commxc4.mailshelter.comBe sure to keep the MX priorities the same.For example, if your current MX records are similar to:10 mx1.mailshelter.com20 mx2.mailshel
 SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade - Outbound Filtering Settings & SPF Record
  1.  Configure SMTP SmartHost in your primary mail server to point to:  smtp.antispamcloud.com (port 587/465/25)SMTP Smarthost:  smtp.antispamcloud.com (port 587/465/25)See the following How-To articles based on your Exchange server type:Exchange 2003Exchange 2007 and 2010
 How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016
  How to Create SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016Log into Exchange Administration Center:Navigate to Mail FlowSelect Send ConnectorsAdd a new connector (click the + sign)
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