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 What are the benefits of colocation?
  A few of the benefits of using colocation over hosting Internet servers and equipment at a businesses office location are listed below to help explain colocation service and why is has grown so popular.   Colocation Provides Reliable UptimeThere are so many ways that colocation provides redundant services to guarantee truly reliable uptime when you choose a quality colocation facility.  Within a "Class A" colocation facility everything is redundant so that if anything goes down the colocation customers server and network equipment will not even notice it as there are redundant systems in place that automatically replace those that went down.  This includes; the air conditioning systems, UPS (uninterruptible power systems), power generators, ut
 What is colocation?
  Colocation (or co-location) means your servers and other IT hardware are hosted in a data center separate from your business location. Choosing this solution allows you to take advantage of the facility’s services and security features. Colocation can provide your company with the bandwidth, power, security, and redundancy it needs at a fraction of what it would cost to install and maintain at your own location
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