22 Jul 2024 
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 Email Continuty , Email Dual Delivery , and Email Routing Rules Tutorial
  The following rules and capabilities are provided within  the Email Continuity or Email Dual Delivery or Email Routing Systems:    %%    A literal percent-sign (%)    %A    The original address, equivalent of %T%P@%D.    %D    The domain name portion.    %L    The left-hand-side of a plus-detailed address or the local part.    %P    The local-part. If %R is not empty, then "%L+%R", else "%L".    %R    The right-hand-side of a plus-detailed address or the empty string.    %S    The source-route, ie "@A,@B,@C", or the empty string.    %T    If %S is not empty, then "%S:", else the empty string.Some format-path examples:    Address    Format    Result    user@example.com         %T%P@%D         user@example.com    user+detail@example.com    %P@%D    user+detail@example.com    user+detail@example.com    %L+bulk@%D    user+bulk@example.com    user+
 What are the Webservio IP ranges for my firewall, server, and or SPF settings?
  The Webservio IP ranges are:
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