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 How to Create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016
Article How to Create SMTP Connector in Exchange 2013/2016

Log into Exchange Administration Center:

  1. Navigate to Mail Flow
  2. Select Send Connectors
  3. Add a new connector (click the + sign)
  4. Add a relevant name for this connector, Eg: SpamWeederOutFilter
  5. Select : Internet (For example, to send internet mail)and click Next
  6. Select Route mail through smart hosts
  7. Add the SMARTHOST by clicking on the + sign
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Next
  10. If you are using an IP outgoing user leave None / If you are using an Authenticating user select Basic Authentication > Input the Outgoing User and Password
  11. Click Next
  12. *Address space: > Click the + sign and in the *Full Qualified Domain Name (FQDN): input *
  13. Click Save and Next
  14. *Source server: - Click on the + sign and select the server from the list
  15. Click OK and Finish

You need to ensure that the port 587 is being used:

  1. Open the Exchange Management Shell
  2. Run the following:

Set-SendConnector -identity "NAME OF CONNECTOR" -Port:587

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