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 How do I re-associate an old employee's archived emails with another user?
Article When accounts are deleted from an Exchange server, they are not automatically deleted from the Control Console.  When a customer has Email Archiving, we do not automatically purge accounts created using SMTP Discovery after 30 days, as we do for customers that only have Email Protection.  If you are synchronizing users in the Control Console with your Active Directory and you delete or deactivate an account, it will be marked as "Inactive" in the Control Console, rather than deleted.  Emails that are stored in the Email Archive for users that are marked as inactive will only be viewable by a customer administrator.  Regarding associating emails with another user, you can create an alias email address in the Control Console under the user that you would like to have the emails associated to.  For instance, if bob@domain.com leaves the company and gets marked as inactive, you could create an alias email address under david@domain.com of bob@domain.com and then david@domain.com would be able to see those emails.  Doing this may require a re-indexing of the emails currently stored in the archive.  If you implement this change and the emails do not show up, please let us know so that we may request a re-index from our operations department.  We may also be able to change the address they are associated with in the archive, but this would most likely be a professional service with a billable, hourly cost attached to it.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact your sales representative for further information and a quote on the cost.

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