03 Feb 2023 
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 How to Troubleshoot Postini Directory Sync
Article If you receive a sync error when running the directory sync service, complete the following:
  1. Open your .xml file with the Directory Sync tool.
  2. Check to see if the users you are trying to sync are located in one of the Base DN Override rules listed in the LDAP Settings/Users/User Sync section
    1. If not, add the appropriate LDAP query rule to this section
    2. If the Base DN is listed, check to make certain the appropriate Postini Org Name is listed
  3. Check the order of the LDAP User Sync rules and re-order if needed
    1. These rules are applied in the order they are listed within the table.  If you would like one search rule to take priority over another, move that search rule up using the up arrorw icon.  If two rules contradict each other, the first rule will take precedence.
If after taking these steps, you are unable to resolve the issue, please create a ticket at:  http://support.webservio.net and attach the latest copy of your .xml file for engineering review.

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