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 How to Enable support for TLS 1.0 using Firefox Web Browser
The old version of our email server IzzyMail was implemented based on TLS 1.0 a few years. Our new version (Stratamail) is based on the current new version of TLS.

You can always contact our support engineering about upgrading to StrataMail. However the upgrade means a new system and not upgrading the existing IzzyMail.

In case you need web access to your IzzyMail systems for webmail or admin you may encounter an error:

Many browsers have changed the way they interact with Transport Layer Security.  here's the workaround for Firefox browsers:

Explanation of TLS versions:

How to get around it is to do the following:
In Firefox browser, instead of typing a url type:
and then follow the screen shots provided for you to change the existing value for security.tls.version.min to 1

***** A note: Once you are finished with the email admin area, you may want to set the value of security.tls.version.min back to what it was.

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