23 Sep 2023 
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 SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Mailbagging and/or Email Continuity Clients
Article SpamWeeder Premium Upgrade Instructions for Mailbagging and/or Email Continuity Clients

Complete the following by 4/30/21:
  • REPLACE the existing mx1-mx4.mailshelter.com MX records within your domain(s)' DNS hosting to point to:
    • mxc1.mailshelter.com
    • mxc2.mailshelter.com
    • mxc3.mailshelter.com
    • mxc4.mailshelter.com
  • Be sure to keep the MX priorities the same. 
    • For example, if your current MX records are similar to:
      • 10 mail.yourdomain.com
      • 20 mx1.mailshelter.com
      • 30 mx2.mailshelter.com
      • 40 mx3.mailshelter.com
      • 50 mx4.mailshelter.com
    • Your updated MX records should be similar to:
      • 10 mail.yourdomain.com
      • 20 mxc1.mailshelter.com
      • 30 mxc2.mailshelter.com
      • 40 mxc3.mailshelter.com
      • 50 mxc4.mailshelter.com
  • If you have an administrator account for SpamWeeder Premium, please login here:
    • URL - https://cloudportal1.mailshelter.com
    • Username & Password - This has been set according to your original Email Disaster Recovery Service technical support.  Please review the Migration Details in your Service Notification email.  Your SpamWeeder Premium Admin username and password are listed in the SpamWeeder Premium Cloud Admin Access section. Optionally, you may login to our online support portal at:  https://support.webservio.net to review your ticket history and retrieve your original SpamWeeder Premium Admin access information.
  • Create a support ticket at https://support.webservio.net and we'll send some test messages through your Email Disaster Recovery service to ensure bagged message delivery to your primary mail server and/or email continuity accounts.  Please enter ticket subject:  Your Company Name - SpamWeeder Premium Cloud Upgrade - Service Check

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