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 What are Resource Mailboxes in Hosted Exchange?
Article Resource mailboxes are mailboxes that represent conference rooms or shared equipment. Resource mailboxes can be included as resources in meeting requests, providing a simple and efficient way to utilize resources for an organization.

Note: Resource mailboxes cannot be accessed directly. The only way to open a resource mailbox is to open it from the delegate's mailbox.

There are two types of resource mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange Server: room and equipment. Room mailboxes are assigned to a meeting location, such as a conference room, auditorium, or training room. Equipment mailboxes are assigned to a resource that is not location specific, such as a portable computer projector, microphone, or company car.

In reference to resource mailboxes, a delegate is a user that has been delegated as the management of the resource mailbox. The delegate can approve or reject out-of-policy meeting requests for a resource.

The delegate can add a resource mailbox to the Outlook profile configured for his or her primary mailbox.

In addition, the resource mailbox can process meeting requests in several modes:

 -Automatically: It enables you to configure the mailbox to automatically process meeting invites. By doing this, a user will receive an email when a resource is booked and nobody will have to manually accept meetings.

 -Tentatively accepted: Appointment requests are added to the resource mailbox calendar as tentative. When this option is used in conjunction with delegate access, it can potentially create issues since scheduling conflicts may occur.

 -Only delegates can accept/decline requests: If this option is selected, appointment requests are not processed automatically. The delegates assigned to this resource will manage requests.

General settings for any of the above options include:

 Schedule only during business hours
 Allow recurring appointments
 Remove old appointment messages
 Add new requests tentatively
 Include the reasons for accepting or declining a meeting in the response e-mail message
 Disable reminders from resource mailbox
 Default reminder time for attendees:     
 Limit max appointment duration to ? hour(s) (Max 336)
 Allowed to book in advance in ? days (Max 1080)
 Outgoing message size limit:     MB     (Max 50)
 Incoming message size limit:     MB     (Max 50)

If you select to automatically process meeting invites, you may also specify the following settings:

 Allow conflicts
 Forward requests to delegates via email
 Mark pending requests as tentative
 Delete the subject of incoming appointment requests
 Use appointment organizer's name as the subject of the appointment request
 Delete any text from the body of incoming appointment requests
 Allow additional information to be sent from the resource mailbox when responding to meeting requests
 Delete attachments from incoming messages

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