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 How do I transfer my domain from another provider to Webservio?
Article To successfully transfer your domain, use the following procedure:

1. Ensure your domain is eligible for transfer by reviewing this article: 

2. Contact the current domain registrar and request to have the domain unlocked. You will also need to request the EPP Code (also know as Authorization Code).
***This code will usually be sent to the Administrative Contact for the domain, so make sure you have access to that email address before requesting the code.

3. Check your inbox for the EPP Code email.

4. Log in to the Webservio Support area: http://support.webservio.net/
***If you do not have a Webservio Support account, proceed with the next steps after you register: http://support.webservio.net/index.php?_m=core&_a=register

5. Create a ticket. Make a list of the domains you wish to transfer and the corresponding EPP code. For example:

domain.com Eufy83shw
test.org hO2-sw83q

6. A support engineer will let you know when the transfer has been initiated. The Administrative Contact for the domain will receive an email to authorize the transfer. It must be approved within 5 days. It is critical that you watch for the transfer authorization email or else the transfer process will not be completed.

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