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 Webservio Recommended Solution
Webservio recommends our Postini product as the best way to stop Spam.

Postini is a state-of-the-art anti-spam/virus filtering service n affordable enterprise level solution that starts by shielding your MX records from malicious spammers.

By adding this service to your existing VPS Mail Bagging plan, you could achieve the ultimate Email Defense system. This system will work for your domain 24 X 7, ensuring only clean mail gets to your network. If your primary mail server experiences outages, only clean messages will be bagged. This solution uses state-of-the-art technology, and is the same solution used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Even if you currently have a server-side solution or appliance (ie, Barracuda, IronPort, etc.) in place, Postini can be very beneficial to your organization. Without Postini, any primary mail server downtime will result in large amounts of spam being bagged by your VPS Mail Bagging system because an appliance solutions only filters mail once it reaches your network. Once your primary mail server becomes available, it will be slammed with spam, as will the device or server-side solution. This could result in lag times for internet connectivity, and/or upload/download times for all users. Because Postini will filter all email all of the time (whether the primary mail server is available or not), the device and/or server-side filtering solution will not have to work as hard, thus minimizing bandwidth usage. As a result, loads on your both your network and primary mail server would be drastically reduced.

Benefits of the Postini anti-spam/virus filtering system are:

* This service would work for your domain 100% of the time, thereby reducing the current load on your network and/or any anti-spam filtering devices you may have.
* Everyone will notice more efficient connectivity and upload/download times as the majority of your bandwidth will not be consumed by your anti-spam device(s) and/or primary mail server.
* The service completely shelters your MX record, greatly reducing back-door spamming
* 99.999% uptime guarantee
* This is the same anti-spam filtering system used by many Fortune 500 companies world-wide.
* Accurate filtering that stops 99.99% of spam
* Domain level filtering
* User-specific quarantines and filtering
* Web-based Administration
* Reduces bandwidth, mail server CPU cycles, message storage, and IT labor resources.
* Increases available employee productivity time.

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