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 How to add an email account to Thunderbird

You may need your Web Hosting or Email Hosting Customer Support information sent to you upon sign up to properly configure Thunderbird.

1.  Select Tools from the top menu and click on Account Settings

2.  At the bottom, select the Account Actions dropdown menu and click on Add Mail Account...

3.  Enter the information. For Email address, make sure to use the full address (name@domain.com). Then click Continue.

4.  Thunderbird will try to search for the info, but click on Manual Config and use these settings:
  • Select IMAP or POP3 from the Incoming dropdown menu, depending on your preference.
  • Server hostname: refer to your technical support sheet for the incoming and outgoing server Hostname
  • Ports: Use the SSL (recommended) ports in this document according to whether you chose IMAP or POP3: Port Settings
  • SSL: SSL/TLS should be automatically selected for both incoming and outgoing
  • Authentication: Select Normal Password from the dropdown menu
  • Username: Type your full email address (name@domain.com) for both Incoming and Outgoing.

5.  Click Done.

6.  After the account has been configured, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the list of accounts within the Account Settings window.

7.  Find the account you just created and see what server name is listed next to it. If it is not the SMTP Outgoing server name listed on your support sheet, click on Add... to add the correct info.

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