How to create an SMTP Connector in Exchange 2003

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Created On: 24 Jul 2017 5:04 PM


To create the SMTP Connector, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager (ESM)
  2. If Administrative Groups is displayed, expand the Administrative Groups folder (Otherwise proceed to step 4)
  3. Expand First Administrative Group (or the relevant group if it has been renamed or if there are multiple groups)
  4. If Routing Groups is displayed, expand the Routing Groups folder (Otherwise proceed to step 6)
  5. Expand First Routing Group
  6. Right click Connectors
  7. Select New then SMTP Connector...


  8. Enter a descriptive name for the new connector. For example, SpamWeeder Premium Connector (1).

  9. Select Forward all mail through this connector...

  10. Enter (the SpamWeeder Premium service address) into the Smart Hosts field.
  11. Under Local Bridgeheads, select the Add... button.
  12. Select the appropriate Exchange server from the list.  This will generally be the Exchange server you are working on. Click the OK button (which will be enabled once a server has been selected):


  13. Click the Apply button to save the SMTP Connector Properties.
  14. Select the Address Space tab:

  15. Click the Add... button:

  16. Click the OK button
  17. Select SMTP as the Address Type
  18. Keep the default values given:

    Email domain = *
    Cost = 1


  19. Click the OK button twice to complete the creation of your SMTP connector.